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To our Valued Guests: We would like to Thank You for your patronage for the 2022 / 23 season. In stating the obvious, this has been a challenging season! Total snowfall as reported in the town of Cherry Creek has been approximately 35 to 37 inches for the winter season thus far. This is significantly less than average for us. We have only had a few periods where the temps afforded us marginal opportunities to make snow and we made as much as our snow making system would produce. In January, we saw a great amount of rain, and since the beginning of February, rain and high temperatures began to be a daily occurrence. We at Cockaigne are as unhappy with both the conditions and the slopes as much as our guests, however it is very difficult to do much with Mother Nature, and we are a resort that relies heavily on natural snowfall. Many people have made assumptions that we had given up or do not care about our guests or staff. This is NOT the case. Every fall we hire staff, train and make all the arrangements to run the entire resort, however when winter does not arrive when it should, you may lose many of your hired employees who haven’t worked a day all season. We have also seen a lessoning of guest visits, especially when the weather is less than ideal. We are not alone in these challenges as most of the East has experienced the same issues. With this in mind, we have decided to close the entire resort for the rest of the season, and as last year continue being a seasonal only resort, including food and beverage at this time. We appreciate your understanding as we deal with this unprecedented season. We hope this letter helps clarify any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you, The Cockaigne Management Team


Current hours:


*Hours will follow closely with the winter Ski season days and hours.

Three slopes, Seven Trails, two lifts, plus our iconic J Bar. 1 terrain Park. Longest Slope: 3,600 ft. Elevation: 430 ft. Set on 80 Skiable Acres situated in the snow belt of the Chautauqua Ridge. Just starting to learn? Cockaigne is the perfect learning center. We offer equipment rental and lessons from trained, professional instructors. We look forward to seeing you!

Cockaigne ensures safety for all of it’s patrons with the National Ski Patrol! If you would like to learn more or even apply to be part of the team click the button below!

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Cockaigne began it’s operations in Cherry Creek, NY in the winter of 1966. The famous ski lodge was built as the Austrian Pavilion for the World’s fair in New York City in 1964 and then moved to Cockaigne in 1966. Cockaigne was the best place for family fun and winter events for over four decades up until the lodge was destroyed in a fire in January 2011.

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