Winter Equestrian

Cockaigne Riders!

Year Round Guided Horseback Adventure! Whether a beginner or an accomplished rider, Cockaigne Resort has the Equestrian Experience for You!

Our Winter Park offers gorgeous snow filled riding – winding through Cockaigne’s lower valley – ride along Clear Creek – take a lap around the ponds – circle the stables and the lodge – and take in winter from an entirely new perspective!

Winter Activities go here bellow are examples of the format.

$20: Junior Riders(8 and under) 15 Bridle Led Ride!

$60 - 1 hour: You get a world class wrangler led ride throughout our resort campus!

$95 - 1½ hours: Those of who are seeking a little more time in the saddle you can get an hour and a half for only $95!

For reservations - call: (716)287-3223